Centennial Park Design Competition – Spring 2019

*NEW: Design Competition – Spring 2019*

The Vimy Foundation is proud to announce a Canadian student design competition by an individual or a team, for a water feature for the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park, Vimy Ridge, France. This element is proposed to be unveiled in 2020.

The design competition and installation of this design in the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park is sponsored by The Love Family Foundation and is organized by the Vimy Foundation.

Submission: A 3-D illustrated design concept, and all detail design and construction drawings and specifications to permit manufacturing, assembly, construction and installation in France.

Contest Opens: April 11, 2019 

Submission Deadline: June 12, 2019

Questions? Contact us at info@vimyfoundation.ca.   See below for previous answered questions.


ANNEX A. Graphic Materials

Photo by Pascal Brunet, April 2019

Answered Questions

The design brief states design of “i or ii”. Can I incorporate both areas into the design, or is it strictly one or the other?

It is strictly one or the other.

With respect to the median between the two pathways, the area near the sculpture of the Bugler is somewhat constrained from a pedestrian movement point of view and the design of any new feature in this area will need to address this.  The pathways can be no less than what is shown as they are the minimum to meet universal access in France. 

It should be noted that an earlier concept for the park did not propose a median or two pathways but a single large pathway that would have combined the surface area of the two pathways and of the median, this for both sides of the central circle. Any concept for a water element in the median area would ideally also achieve two wider pathways or some sort of consolidated ‘single pathway-water element’ concept and would also propose as a future design phase the treatment of the median and pathways south of the circle, in order to achieve a fully integrated concept for the median and pathway areas located on both sides of the central circle.

It must be understood that if there are two pathways they must provide clear unobstructed passage at no less than the existing width (1.5 m.) shown on the attached plan and if there is a single pathway resulting from the removal of the planted median it must provide clear unobstructed passage on both of its sides at no less than the width shown (i.e. 1.5m. on both sides).


Is the expectation that we formulate a schedule of work and cost estimate based on French numbers, i.e., that we research information about what our proposal water feature would cost and what a schedule of work would look like in France?

The schedule of work between September 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 is for all work in France. Once the design competition is closed and the winner identified, all subsequent steps will be carried out in France unless specified otherwise in this design competition.   

However, proposals do not need to take into account information about potential permit delays in France (which likely isn’t public information) or other country-specific research; rather, the schedule of work needs to demonstrate that unexpected bureaucratic delays notwithstanding, that the design is doable in the time allotted.

It is important to anticipate and factor in time for dialogue, reviews (for example of materials and finishes), incremental approvals, preparation of additional explanatory drawings or sketches, verifications, and other steps required by customary planning, permit, design and construction processes, by the Vimy Foundation and its representatives.

The cost estimate may be in Canadian dollars but it must not exceed the upset limit specified in this design competition. Several preferred competition proposals and their estimates will be submitted by The Vimy Foundation to Builder(s)/Manufacturer(s)/Contractor(s)/Installer(s) in France for their own cost estimates or bids to carry out the proposed work. This information will inform the Vimy Foundation jury in its final determination.