100th Anniversary of the Battle of Arras and the Capture of Vimy Ridge

April 9, 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Arras and capture of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps. The Vimy Foundation is working to make this date an international commemoration with events across Canada and in the north of France.

The Vimy Foundation is actively planning for this centennial today with partners in France, in the hopes of seeing thousands of people take part in the festivities in 2017. We are extremely confident that this commemoration will be worthy of dedication and sacrifice of our soldiers, and look forward to seeing everyone there in 2017.

The Vimy Information Centre Project

  • The Vimy Foundation commissioned a report to examine potential options for a new Education Centre at Vimy, as the current Information Centre is inadequate.
  • The report recommends that a new Information Centre be built partly on the site of the existing location (which was built as a temporary structure in 1992).
  • The site was chosen for a number of reasons, including access to the nearby, well-preserved tunnels and due to it being respectfully removed from the Monument itself. 
  • The Vimy foundation has enlisted experienced museum builder ( Jack Granatstein) and architects (Moriyama & Teshima) as advisors.