Vimy’s Sentinels

By Khrys Dumyn, Toronto, ON


Like the names of selfless soldiers—engraved on the Canadian National Vimy Ridge Memorial—within the contours of my poem, in bolded script, is another embedded poem. The embedded poem, in bolded green, underscores repatriated oak saplings’ commemorative significance.

War’s ravaged sounds of
carnage (muted in luminous limestone), find voice

in cries of mourners repatriating Vimy Oaks saplings—

whose roots,

watered with grieving tears; and

nourished with spilled blood of scythed hopes

and dreams of Vimy’s victims—

                                                   shall burgeon

as stalwart sentinels.       Their


strength shall

                     honour        its 525,000

sacrificed lives,      and to


their      progeny’s hope & dream for

world peace.