Vimy Oaks

By Thomas Leduc, Sudbury, ON


After the battle was won,

after the shells rained down,

after he stood and fought,

Miller walked along the Ridge.

Nothing was left alive,

not a blade of grass,

not a defiant flower,

not a majestic oak stood.

Before he was a soldier,

Miller had been a farmer.

Before he learned to take life,

he was taught to nurture life.

his hands returned to the soil,

he gave thanks, asked forgiveness

and unearthed seeds of hope.

He sent these acorns home to Canada

and like a mother to her child

Miller made a promise.

One day even if he fell,

the Oaks of Vimy would rise,

for those who fought,

for those who perished,

for those who remember.

Vimy Oaks stand on guard for thee.